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In a father and son's bid to pay homage to their background, the idea of Coba Coba (Bahasa Indonesia:try try) was conceptualised. Established in 2014, we try to bring traditional handmade Indonesian food catered to families and friends in a clean, homely and halal environment. Naturally, we specialised in the old-school way of sharing Nasi Ambeng and Nasi Padang with the important people in your lives. 

Amongst 30 over dishes, the signature dishes at Coba Coba are its tahu telur, lemak siput sedut, sotong sumbat and provide catering services for all occasions from home to corporate events to your convenience. 

Most importantly, the Coba Coba team is thankful to have grown steadily due to the close rapport between customers, staff and friends. 


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